Growcharge is one of the leading providers of cell phone charging stations in North America. You can find our charging stations in your favourite venues across all major North American cities!

Our charging stations are at conferences, trade shows, universities, music festivals, restaurants, bars, night clubs, sports stadiums, arenas and more. Available for sale or rent, Growcharge provides a “must have” utility to keep people connected. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada and also in Calgary, Alberta, Growcharge offers an array of charging options. Ranging from open-bay and locker solutions to free-standing kiosks, wall-mountable kiosks and even furniture, Growcharge is your go to company if you are looking for the latest in charging stations that are not only pretty to look at but also certified in rapid charge technology. You can check out all of our charging stations here.

Growcharge is not only committed to ensuring you are never powerless but also committed to offsetting the natural resources that are depleted by being a provider and consumer of energy. Growcharge will do this by committing to a reforestation program and planting 50 trees in North America every time they rent or sell a charging station.

Once an award winning sales rep and now the CEO and owner of Growcharge, Jim Neal understands the importance of always being connected. He also understands that there is a responsibility associated with depleting a resource; and that we need to work harder to offset the impact our modern lifestyle has on the environment. “Every time someone purchases a charging station from Growcharge,” explains Jim, “we will plant 50 trees in North America. On a grander scale; think that for every 200 units that we rent or sell, we will plant 10,000 trees on 10 acres of land and help restore our forests for future generations. Did you know that 10 acres of trees can remove up to 26 tons of carbon dioxide each year?”

Jim comes from a family with a forestry background and he himself spent some time tree planting in his youth. “My father worked in the forestry industry for 44 years and not only educated me on the forest industry but also created an awareness and appreciation for forest ecosystems and the delicate balance between commerce and nature.” explains Jim “When my father passed away from cancer I began to explore ways to build his legacy and replenishing a resource that had provided financially for my family aligned perfectly.” If you’d like to learn more about trees and how important they are, check out the “Top 22 benefits of trees.