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  • Phone Charging Station Basics – What you need to know.

    So you’re thinking about renting or purchasing a cell phone charging station. Here’s a basic guide explaining the different types of charging stations that are available, how they operate, their approximate costs and the features that they come with.

    More and more we’re starting to see various types of phone charging stations popping up in cities across the country which is great! For most of us, our lives are attached to our phones and just the thought of seeing our phone under 20% makes us panic a little. Have you ever wondered just how tied to their phones people really are? Here are a few facts about smartphone phone usage in the USA.

    77% of adults in the USA own a […]

  • Concert Venues and Cell Charging Stations Go Hand in Hand

    Imagine this: you’re at a concert to see your favourite band. It’s a revival tour and it will probably be the last time you will see them live. They come back for an encore, and it’s your all-time favourite song. You ready your phone to record it so you can keep this memory forever. They play the opening note… and your phones dies. Devastating, right?

    People share many aspects of their lives on social media, including concerts. From taking photos and videos of their favourite act to post on Instagram, to checking in to the event on Facebook, or tweeting about the performance; people share their entire concert experiences online. With the plethora of filming, photography, and the lengthy uploading process […]

  • 3 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Phone’s Battery

    It’s easy to stay on top of our phone’s battery life, we see it every time we look at the screen. Staying on top of our phone’s battery lifespan is a little trickier, we don’t notice any changes until it starts to wear out. With water-resistance making removable phone batteries a thing of the past, it’s important to take care of the ones we’ve got to keep them at their best for as long as possible. Here are 3 tips to help your phone’s battery live a long and happy life:

    Keep it charged above 10%. The lithium-ion batteries in our phones use chemical reactions to hold a charge and power our phones. The batteries are most comfortable when they’re […]