Why Every Hospital Really Needs A Phone Charging Station

According to the American Hospital Association, there are 35,158,934 admissions to U.S. hospitals annually – and this number doesn’t account for the visitors each of those patients have during their admittance. With upwards of 92% of Americans owning a cell phone, it’s likely that the majority of those patients and their visitors will be in need of a charge during their stay.

Phones = Staying Connected In Emergencies

In an emergency, a dead phone becomes much more than an annoyance. Family members must be able to get in touch with each other at a drop of a hat, and if your phone is on the brink of a black screen, the stress of the situation escalates. While there are definitely phones in the hospital for patients and visitors to use, most of us only have a handful of phone numbers memorized, if that. There may be many more people who must be called quickly, and the only way to find their contact information is often by one’s cell phone.

For hospital personnel, especially administrators, receptionists, and nurses, phone charging might not be a topic they would have thought much about prior to setting out on their career. But ask someone who works in a hospital if anyone has asked them to charge their phone on any given day, and chances are the answer is a resounding, “Yes” – and multiple times at that.

Managing patient’s and visitor’s phones was almost becoming a full time job to the point that we had to stop offering that service. However, this led to another problem which was people cluttering up our hallways by sitting and sometimes even lying on the floor next to power outlets. It used to drive the nurses and doctors crazy. However, we solved both problems by adding an Infinity Charging Table to our waiting area and another by our nurses’ station. Now everyone is happy and our ward is clutter free.” Stephanie – nurse, BC

Considering that keeping batteries charged is not what these staff members are being paid to do, this provides a clear reason for a hospital to offer another solution. One recommended option would be the Rockstar phone charging locker, which allows users to lock their devices and walk away, an essential option for those that need to quickly jot off for patient visitations and professional consultations.

A Benefit To Hospital Personnel

When there are multiple charging stations available, nurses, for example, can be more productive and less liable when it comes to charging someone else’s phone. Instead of taking the phone and charging it for the patient or visitor, then having to find them once it’s charged and risk dropping it on the way back to its owner, nurses can simply direct people to a charging station to use at their own convenience.

“Working on the labor and delivery floor, I’ve had excited husbands approach me with their battery “in the red” while their wives are moments away from giving birth. They are so grateful that there is a solution to charge their phones nearby and we end up looking like the heroes. But what I like best about our new charging station is that since we added it, nobody ever misses a moment.”  – Alexandra, receptionist, CO

Avert Disasters (no, seriously)

Offering a charging station additionally prevents someone from unplugging a needed medical device in a hospital room to use the outlet; or using a USB port in a hospital computer or device. While you might not think this is a likely scenario, it does happen, putting the patient at risk and the on-duty nurse potentially liable. Not only that, but it could potentially transmit malware or pose a hacking threat to the entire hospital.

A Benefit to Patients and Visitors

Patients and their family members definitely fall within the “low battery anxiety” club. For those in the hospital bed, they must have an easy way to communicate with loved ones beyond the hospital walls; and visitors may need to contact others regarding the status of a patient, their visitation hours, and the like. For those with long stays who may be trying to get some work done while at the hospital, the need for a reliable charging option transcends the phone to the laptop and iPad, as well.

“We’ve had a Wall Mount Charging Station outside our lobby cafe for a couple of months now and I see a lot of businessmen and women use it to recharge their mobile devices in-between visiting hours. It’s actually been great for business in the cafe and is obviously a huge help to a lot of the people who come to see patients here during the day.” Stanley – hospital cafe manager, KS


Benefits For Everybody In The Building

  • Nurses and receptionists will be able to simply direct patients and visitors to a charging station instead of being liable for handling and charging multiple phones themselves
  • The hospital reduces the likelihood of a hack or virus to the system, cutting down on the potential for incorrect USB use in patient rooms
  • Patients and visitors will now have easy access to a charged phone 24/7 without having to wait on a staff member to help them
  • Multi-device units, like the Rockstar commercial charging tower, offer not just phone charging capabilities, but an option for laptops and iPads, as well – a benefit for patients and visitors with lengthier hospital stays

Increased Battery Life = Reduced Stress

Staying in touch with loved ones during emergencies, surgeries, or births is essential. Providing multiple phone and device charging options for everyone who comes through your doors for any length of a stay is the peak of customer service.

Let us help your health institution stay connected!
We offer a great selection of powerful and portable charging stations that would be perfect for your health center. Whether you run a bustling emergency room that needs a high-capacity charging kiosk, or a small community clinic that wants to feature educational videos on a wall-mounted solution with an integrated display, we’ll be happy to set you up with the perfect platform. Reach out and CONTACT US today!

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