Charging Stations For Schools & Colleges: The Safe Choice

While it’s safe to say that the majority of us are addicted to our mobile phones, there’s one segment of the population where this holds true for more than others: college students. With 60% of students being addicted to their phones, which are practically attached to their palms, prolonged battery life is of utmost importance. Considering the need to stay connected, make it to class, get to their extracurriculars on time, and confidently address many unforeseen situations that might arise, easy access to a charging solution is essential.

Staying Connected

Many students travel away from family and friends to attend college, but they still have a desire to stay connected to those that are no longer close by. Parents additionally want to be able to reach out and speak with their children at any given time of the day – and in an emergent scenario, might need to speak with their university-attending kiddo on the drop of a dime.

Since life revolves around smartphones for many students, a low battery warning must be avoided when they are away from their own charging options. The ease of being able to plug in and charge their devices —no matter where they find themselves on campus— is not only convenient, but a growing necessity.

“I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve used the charging stations at my school. I use the [Growcharge Hub Wall Mount] charging station by the cafeteria almost every day, not to mention the charging tables they have in the library. I rely on them a lot more than I thought I would.” Jack, junior at UMASS

Professors are also staying connected to their students both inside and outside of the classroom using mobile devices. Some professors ask students to use their phones for research purposes in class, for photography assignments and the like. So a charge throughout the day is fundamental for the learning experience, as well.

Timeliness is Essential

For the majority of Generation X and Millennials, a watch or a clock is the last place they look when wanting to know what time it is. It’s all about the phone – and if their phone is losing power with no charge available, they may be late to or miss a class, a club meeting, or an extracurricular activity.

Installing charging stations in key areas of the campus where students will be able to power up between classes, while studying, or enjoying a bite to eat could mean the difference between a passing or failing grade, gaining a position on the board of their favorite club, or missing out on the last pick-up flag football game of the semester.

Keeping Students Safe

While most colleges have public safety phones that can place a direct call to their security office strategically placed around campuses, there are spots where they may be lacking, out of service or even missing completely. In fact, some campuses are phasing dedicated security phones out and going with mobile apps instead. If a student finds themselves in an unsafe situation with a dead phone and no campus phone in sight, what will they do? The number one reason any college should consider implementing phone charging stations throughout buildings and across the grounds should be for increased student safety.

“Last year I was being followed by this guy I’d never seen before. It was after dinner and it was dark. My phone had just died so I immediately slipped into the Humanities building to find the charging station there. I plugged in, called campus security, and stayed inside until they got there.” Alexandra, sophomore at NWU

Your students should feel safe no matter where they are on campus, at all times of day and night. A simple way to make that happen is with charging stations throughout campus, accessible 24/7.

Bonus Tip: Station Placement

Since colleges vary dramatically in size from community and private schools with small footprints, to universities that span many square miles, the question of charging station placement can be a head scratcher. But there are a few spots that are no-brainers:

  • Student unions: depending on the size of this main hub on campus where students can grab a bite, check mail, or find a place to study, you may want several device charging stations placed throughout.
  • Dining halls and cafes: you may have a campus with one cafeteria where all classes come for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; or you may have several locations with the addition of casual dining and coffee spots. Knowing that students will be spending anywhere from 10-60 minutes at a time between classes at these places makes these key locales to install phone charging stations.
  • Libraries and computer labs: when studying and researching come into play, having multiple options for device charging is a must. With many students coming with laptops as well as cell phones to these locations, a multi-device charging solution like the Growcharge Infinity Charging Table should be a consideration.
  • Dormitories: while students will have their own means for charging their phones in their rooms, consider the common areas of dorms where they will congregate for long periods of time. Not wanting to miss a jam session, poetry reading, or general hang out, access to a device charging station here will be helpful.
  • Gymnasiums, fitness centers and athletic facilities: accessible to students, athletes, faculty and staff, as well as sport spectators, charging stations in these locations will give a tremendous bang for your buck, especially around game times. (pro tip: the Boxster charging locker echoes the security of equipment lockers in changing rooms, too!)
  • Academic buildings: students looking for a quick boost between classes should have access to a charging station in the foyers of academic buildings. These are also key areas to include when determining placement considering the aforementioned safety concerns. If a student is not near a campus phone in the case of an emergency, they should be able to plug into any nearby academic building and place a call.

The Major Takeaways

  • Charging stations ensure that students can stay connected with family and friends on and off-campus, as well as with their professors
  • Students are less likely to miss important classes, meetings, and activities if they are guaranteed a charged phone no matter where they are on campus
  • Offering charging stations throughout your campus ups the student safety factor significantly
  • Growcharge charging station options are plentiful and can be made to fit any college footprint easily

Let us help keep your students safe and productive!
We offer a flexible selection of portable device charging stations that would be ideal for your school or campus. From intimate, 20-person charter schools that would benefit from several strategically-placed charging tables, to sprawling mega-campuses with 30k+ undergrads that would benefit from large-scale, multi-device charging towers, we can adapt to your needs and budget. Reach out and CONTACT US today!

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