The Infinity Table

We make all kinds of multiple-device, mobile phone charging stations and kiosks and they are all great, but The Infinity Table has been a huge success for us. It is the market’s premier charging table featuring solid steel construction and a high tempered glass top. The table comes with a total of 12 charging cords (4 x Apple Lightning, 4 x Android, 4 x USB-C) and features our signature rapid charge technology. The table also comes with 8 USB ports for people that have their own charging cables with them and also 4 x 110v outlets for those that may need to charge a laptop or another device.

The Infinity table is perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up for the fanciest of events or dressed down for something more casual. A large branding area on the centre post is definitely eye-catching and the individual charging bays and disc on top are the perfect spots for your guests to take in your message up close.

The Infinity Table has become a favorite among trade show organizers that want to provide a charging solution for their guests but not take up valuable floor space. A lot of organizers are starting to swap out their standard tables they would normally rent for charging tables and their attendees are thanking them for it. Melissa Hopkins of CTO Marketing said, “We tried them for the first time at our show in Memphis last year and they were a huge hit! We ended up renting 5 of them and then sold the ad space to one of our regular sponsors. Everyone was thrilled with the great feedback we got.”

Hospitals, Colleges and Sports Venues have also caught onto the charging table craze and have started to incorporate charging tables into their lounges and waiting areas.

So the next time you need to rent a table for an event or purchase a table for your waiting room,  make it a charging table and keep your guests connected. You can rent or purchase the Infinity table and you can contact us for a custom quote through our contact form found here. If you’d prefer to give us a call at 1-800-403-1560, we’d be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about charging kiosks and furniture.


The Hub

The Hub is quickly becoming a top seller for Growcharge Inc. With it’s sleek design and our signature rapid charge technology, more and more clients are snapping up the Hub. The Hub comes with a total of 10 charging cables including 4 x Apple Lightning Cords, 4 x Android Cords and 2 USB C cords. It can easily be mounted to a wall or you can purchase a stand if you’d like the ability to move your Hub around. The Hub comes with a backlit display and has a prominent branding area to highlight your brand or message.

Hospitals have really taken to the Hub because it is a low-cost solution that solves a growing problem of staff being asked to charge patients and visitors phones. Emily Hernandez of SAIT Hospital had this to say, “We used to get so many requests from patients and visitors to charge their phones and we always tried to accommodate as best we could but we were getting so many requests that it was becoming hard to manage. Since we installed the Hub, we never get requests anymore. Everyone sees the charging station and just plugs in and it’s great!”

Colleges, Universities and Car Dealership service areas have also caught the Hub ‘bug” and have started to get on board with the latest way to improve your customer’s experience. Our latest client, Rogers Communications, purchased some of the Hubs from us to brand and place in their partners buildings. The feedback they’ve received has been so great that they’ve already placed their second order us and third one, I’m told, is imminent.

The Hub is for sale or for rent and you can contact us for a custom quote here or give us a call at 1-800-403-1560.

The Hub Wall Mount Charging Station


The Hub Video

The Hub Video is our thinnest video charging station and features a 19” HD
screen. It’s perfect for showing off your brand and sharing your message with still images or videos, and content is easily uploaded via Wifi, SD Card, or USB. The Hub Video comes with 8 charging cables and a wall mount bracket or you can purchase a floor stand if you’d like your charging station to be more mobile.


The Boxster

Our Boxster is the least expensive of all of the 10 locker charging kiosks on the market. As clunky as that may sound, it’s not a reflection of the beauty of the Boxster. This is our newest model and our design team hit the ball out of the park when they designed this one.

Most 10 locker solutions are quite large and can be bulky, but not the Boxster. We didn’t waste an inch of space when designing one of the best lockable charging kiosks on the market today. It comes with a beautiful backlit display that you can brand with your logo or message and each locker comes with 3 charging cables (1 x Certified Apple Lightning, 1 x Android and 1 x USB-C).

The layout of the 10 lockers is 8 lockers on top for smartphones and 2 lockers on the bottom for tablets which after a great amount of research, turns out to be the perfect tablet to phone ratio for a compact charging kiosks. The lockers also light up and you can change the colour to one of 30’ish shades or choose no lights at all.

When it came to choosing a lock, we decided to go with mechanical locks for the doors instead of battery powered locks. For one, we are green company and using two 9V batteries to power a lock and having 10 locks on our charging station, seemed wasteful to us. Secondly, when we tested the battery type locks, we found that if the batteries happened to die, the only way to get your phone out was to break the door open which isn’t easy and causes a lot of damage to the unit. With the mechanical locks you just set your own 4 digit pin and turn the dial and walk away. When you come back, you enter your 4 digit PIN again and turn the knob the other way and the door opens, simple.

Of course, the question we always get is, “What happens if someone forgets their PIN?” No problem, the Boxster comes with 2 master keys (incase you lose one) that can open the door if someone forgets their PIN. AT&T recently purchased 43 Boxsters from us for a few of their teams across the USA and Comcast outfitted one of their teams with the Boxster too.

This charging kiosk has the flexibility of sitting on a counter or table, hanging from a wall or sitting on an optional stand which makes it great for just about everywhere and every event.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We just launched our Boxster Box which is a custom Pelican style case that makes it super easy to transport your Boxster from location to location. Not only does it have wheels, it also has a retractable handle (like a suitcase) so you can easily roll it around.

If you’re looking for the least expensive of  the 10 locker charging kiosks on the market today with the best technology, then please click here for a custom quote or call us at 1-800-403-1560.

Charging Kiosk
Growcharge Rockstar Cell Charging Tower


The Rockstar

Well, here we are and we saved the best for last. The Rockstar is in the best of the best category when it comes to charging kiosks and it’s our premium charging station. It’s perfect for really making your brand stand out and letting people know who you are.

The Rockstar comes with a total of 13 lockers with 7 of those lockers for charging cell phones and 5 lockers for tablets. Each locker comes with 1 x Certified Apple Lightning, 1 x Android and 1 x USB-C cord for a total of 3 charging cords per locker and like the Boxster, you can change the color of the lights inside the lockers.

It comes with a 21″ HD display monitor that can play videos or rotate still images on a loop and it even comes with speakers! The sleek design still leaves lots of room for displaying your brand boldly down the sides and the backlit 21″ panel at the bottom is something we decided to add because nobody else was doing it and we thought it looked great!

The Rockstar is our most expensive charging kiosk but it’s still much cheaper than most of the tower style charging kiosks on the market today and our quality is exceptional. (Not to mention our customer service is fantastic) If you’re really looking to make a statement then the Rockstar is for you. They are available for both rent and purchase and if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.