The Boxster Device Charging Locker

The Boxster is our most versatile charging locker/kiosk and it features sturdy steel construction, 8 phone lockers, 2 tablet lockers and of course, our rapid charge technology. Each charging locker has 3 separate cables inside, (1 x Apple Lightning, 1 x Micro-USB and 1 x USB-C). The Boxster also comes with lockers that light up and you can choose from 12 different colours to help showcase your brand.

To charge your phone, first you choose an open locker and plug your phone in. Then, to lock your phone up you just enter a 4 digit PIN and turn the knob to lock and then scramble the numbers. To retrieve your phone, you just enter the same 4 digit PIN and turn the knob the other way, easy.

The Boxster is ideal for use in restaurants, clubs, bars, universities, gyms, music festivals, trade shows, conferences, dealerships, retail areas, lounges, hair salons and anywhere else people gather. The Boxster can mount on a wall, sit on a table, or you can purchase an optional floor stand.

We also offer a custom Pelican style carrying case so you can easily transport your Boxster from one event to another. The case comes with multiple handles, wheels and a telescopic handle like you’d find on a suitcase for “easy wheeling”. There is also an optional media kit that comes with a 19” HD screen that mounts on top of the Boxster and a media player so you can play video content.

We also suggest our clients check out our 3M custom branding so you can get your message out to your audience. Let them know who the amazing people are behind them being able to charge their phone when it’s sitting at 3%.

The Boxster charging locker/kiosk is available for both rent and purchase and we currently have them in stock. Orders of 25 or more have a 45 day lead time. Contact us to request more information about this versatile charging station and see below for the Boxster’s technical specs. The standard color for the Boxster is white but on orders of 25 or more, customers can pick their own custom color to match their brand.


30 Charging Cables Included
10 x Apple Lightning Cables
10 x Micro USB Cables
10 x USB-C

Weight & Dimensions
Weight: 50 lbs or 80 lbs with stand
Dimensions: 28” (w) x 18” (h) x 10” (d)

Input / Output

Cable Output: 5V/2.4A each
Wall Adapter Input: 100-240V ~ 2A 50/60Hz
Wall Adapter Output: 18V DC 4.0A