The Rockstar Charging Station Tower

The Rockstar is our premium cell charging tower and is perfect for those that really want their brand to stand out. With 8 lockers for cell phones and 5 lockers for tablets the Rockstar is ready for any event or venue.

The Rockstar Cell Charging Tower is the top-of-the line model of our Growcharge family of chargers and comes with a 21” HD screen on the top and a 21” backlit panel on the bottom to help you get your message out to your audience. Customers choose an open locker and enter a their own 4 digit PIN. When they wish to retrieve their phone or tablet, they select their locker and then enter the same four digit PIN they entered before and presto, they have a fully charged device.

The Rockstar Cell Charging Tower is the The branding opportunities for the Rockstar are also exceptional. The wider sides help to showcase your brand and the 21″ backlit panel on the bottom is the perfect way to draw your audience’s eyes to your brand. Ask one of our sales reps for our custom template and your deign team can design just about anything they want. Once you are happy with your design, we will have it applied to your Rockstar before we send it out to your venue or event.

This unit also comes with a built-in video player which allows you to display still images, a slideshow, and of course, videos and all content can be uploaded via Wifi, SD Card, or USB. The uploading takes a few minutes or less which allows you to change your message on the fly. The Rockstar also comes with built-in speakers!

There are three charging cables in each phone locker (Apple Lightning, Android, and USB-C), and there are four charging cables in each of the tablet lockers (Apple Lightning, Android, USB-C, and a USB cable). The Rockstar is available for rent and purchase and looks fantastic in any venue or at any event.

If you have any other questions, please contact us here or give us a call at 403-880-9108.


Phone Lockers
21 Charging Cables Included
7 x Apple Lightning Cables
7 x Micro USB Cables
7 x USB-C

Tablet Lockers
20 Charging Cables Included
5 x Apple Lightning Cables
5 x Micro USB Cables
5 x USB-C
5 x USB Cable

Weight & Dimensions
Weight: 195 lbs.
Dimensions: 25” (w) x 75” (h) x 16” (d)

21.5” LCD Screen
21.5” Backlit Panel